Playlist of the Week!

I love music and I am a huge fan of UK Grime! Here is a great mix that I enjoy!


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Classy and Chic Style

Living in the city, I see so many different fashion ideas daily! Currently, my  style has changed from urban city style to a more classic and fresh look. Here are some of my personal fave pics.

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Fashion and style: work outfit white shirt + black skinny pants + nude shoes + nude trench or cardigan. Classic!:                                                               this is an example of structural design because with out the buttons you would not be able to button youre shirt up.:


Classic simple shirts paired with slim fit jeans makes the perfect everyday look for the classy woman!

3.Morning Coffee

Excerpt from my book Anxious thoughts

awaken to the sight of white pillow. I awake knowing I made serious mistakes that could have easily been avoided. I am worth it and I am blessed. Yet why did you let them destroy you? If you truly knew your worth, it would never have happened! Why waste the days creating fantasies when you could be living them out?

The coffee machine rings, I pour another cup. Burnt coffee echoes throughout the house.

That person was never your friend, how could it taken so long for this realization to come through? I shake my head.

They were corrupting you, filling your head with lies and dumping their hate into you. The time has to begin now, do you see it now? 

I shake my head.’

2.EU dreams

Part 2 of Anxious Thoughts.

  One video triggers me, the passport is immortalized in my hands.To visit, to live and to hope. Can I gain the EU dream? Will that rugged Anglo-Saxon save me from my fears. Or will my perpetual insecurities manifest the deepest fears.

    People  in the cafe are speaking but I cannot understand a word. The world starts to shake and the pain begins to take hold. The crowd  stares at me menacingly and I begin to question my sanity. I look in the glass window overlooking the streets  yearning for validation . I throw my glass of soda to the ground spilling dark droplets onto the marble floors. A tingling panic soon engulfs me as I start asking myself questions, ‘was this worth coming too’?. I don’t wait for answer and walk away. Walking away from my dreams I tell myself as I sink into a deeper paranoia.

All work written is all mine and shall not be plagiarized.

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Night Flight:Sample from my book!

Here is a sample from my book-Anxious Thoughts! My book details short stories that reflect the character Kris, an anxiety ridden college student!

Part 1 titled Night Flight gives a small taste of the book. Enjoy and make sure to follow me at my wattpad account (where I write my books) here  at

  ” On the way to my destination, I hide tears and disappointment. The cold greyhound bus reflects my inner pain. Surrounded by empty grey souls, yet no one notices me. I stare through the window and my reflection is non existent. The white snow hardens against the window pane, just like my emotions. Why does every bus ride add salt to my wounds? My question is never answered as I pull up to the airport.Long lines and long tears, this place overwhelms me.

     I pull out my passport but the person in the picture is not me. That person was happy and she’s long gone just like my last smoke. ‘Here’s your headphones’, says some french man as I grab my suitcase.

       A cup of coffee in my hand as I look blankly into the distance helps to weaken the blow. The numbness seeks to take hold until I hear it’s time for me to take off. The coldness still lingers as I sit in the 3a seat.It’s just another day but I still can’t make it through this cold”

All words written here are mine and not to be plagiarized. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

My Books

Anxious Thoughts.png

I have become an avid writer and decided to create my own account on wattpad.

Here’s my current book that I am working on. Check it out!

Anxious thoughts is about Kris, an anxiety ridden college student that spends much of her time analyzing everyday life. These short stories reveal an insight on her daily fears,hopes and dreams.

All written work expressed here are all mine and not to be plagiarized.

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Fall Fashion- My Picks

Hey followers!

Its back to university for me this fall. So here I have chosen some great fashion pieces for fall.

Personally, over sized jackets are a must paired with sleek black pants, high top sneakers.

Gray as you know is my fave colour and I also love it paired with jeans.

Finally, skinny jeans and a gray cardigan looks very chic and cute.