2.EU dreams

Part 2 of Anxious Thoughts. https://www.wattpad.com/myworks

  One video triggers me, the passport is immortalized in my hands.To visit, to live and to hope. Can I gain the EU dream? Will that rugged Anglo-Saxon save me from my fears. Or will my perpetual insecurities manifest the deepest fears.

    People  in the cafe are speaking but I cannot understand a word. The world starts to shake and the pain begins to take hold. The crowd  stares at me menacingly and I begin to question my sanity. I look in the glass window overlooking the streets  yearning for validation . I throw my glass of soda to the ground spilling dark droplets onto the marble floors. A tingling panic soon engulfs me as I start asking myself questions, ‘was this worth coming too’?. I don’t wait for answer and walk away. Walking away from my dreams I tell myself as I sink into a deeper paranoia.

All work written is all mine and shall not be plagiarized.

I enjoy feedback!


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