UK Grime Music- Fashion Style and Music Updates

UK grime music has always been a fave genre of mine for quite some time. With its jamaican meets london hiphop street feel, Grime has  been finally gaining some notoriety in the US.

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“The street culture to London, grime’s the soundtrack to that,” once said seminal grime DJ Logan Sama. “It runs in parallel: the dress code, the music, they’re all reflection of that.” So, grime fashion is the look of the everyman on the street, but has to be kept fresh and clean. Though it’s about sometimes wearing trackies and trainers, your tracksuit better be crisp and your trainers (sneakers) better not be scuffed.’


Grime fashion was a complete about-face. Versace out, Nike in. Silk shirts out, tracksuits in.Grime fashion, though fresh and clean, is the look of the urban everyman on the street. (

From Wiley, Skepta, Dizzie Rascal to name a few, currently Krept and Konan have been making some waves in the US.

Here are some fresh tracks to listen to:

Fashion Picks:


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