For the New Intellectual- Philosophy 2

What are the intellectual values or resources offered to us by our culture?
In philosophy,we are taught that man’s mind is impotent, that reality is unknowable,
that knowledge is an illusion, and reason a superstition.
In psychology, we are told that man is a helpless automaton, determined by forces beyond his control, motivated by innate depravity.
In literature, we are shown a line-up of murderers, dipsomaniacs, drug addicts, neurotics and psychotics as representatives of man’s soul—and are invited to identify our own among them—with the belligerent assertions that life is a sewer, a foxhole or a rat race, with the whining injunctions that we must love everything, except virtue, and forgive everything, except greatness.

A man’s method of using his consciousness determines his method of survival—-

the man of force, the man of feelings, the man of reason————-or the brute, the mystic, the thinker.
source;ayn rand texts

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